Expertise across Industries

Boosting Business Efficiency

We provide businesses with essential administrative assistance to streamline operations and enhance productivity. Our experienced team handles tasks such as contract management, invoice creation, processing, and tracking payments. We also verify information accuracy and conduct background checks for online applications. By taking care of these critical yet time-consuming tasks, our Back Office support service allows businesses to focus on core objectives, driving growth and overall success.

Application Verification

In today’s digital era, verifying information is vital. Our back-office staff ensures the accuracy and authenticity of online applications for goods, services, and programs. We process thousands of applications concurrently, conducting swift background checks and confirmations.

Contract Management

We oversee and manage contracts to align with your and your clients’ expectations, minimizing disputes and providing resolution frameworks. Trust Collective Solution for contract creation, execution, monitoring, reporting, and renewal, ensuring seamless services and deliveries.

Ticket Processing

We address customer inquiries, complaints, and support needs. Our skilled agents manage contact details, problem nature, and pertinent account/order information. We prioritize swift, efficient resolutions, delivering exceptional customer service and satisfaction.


We manage customer invoice creation, processing, and payments. Our services include generating invoices from sales orders or agreements, verifying accuracy, delivering to correct recipients, and tracking payments for timely processing and receipt.

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Why Collective Solution?

It’s in our name and our DNA. Collective: the coming together of individuals, skill sets and businesses to create an ecosystem, a resource. Solution: introducing a human aspect in the call center industry that offers clients the ability to scale and grow at a cost that is attractive and with the experience that they need. We tackle your everyday business need with our tailored programs.

  • Performance Oriented

  • Highly Flexible

  • Culture-Driven

Streamlining Back Office Operations For Front Office Efficiency

Collective Solution’s Back Office support service delivers unparalleled value by enhancing business efficiency and reducing operational burdens. By managing critical tasks, our expert team enables businesses to focus on core competencies and strategic growth. We help organizations save time, resources, and costs associated with managing routine but essential tasks. With our support, businesses can thrive, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve their objectives more effectively.

  • Streamline Operations – Save time and resources by letting our experts handle essential back-office tasks, allowing your team to focus on driving growth and innovation.

  • Enhanced Efficiency – Benefit from our industry expertise and proven methods, ensuring accuracy and timely execution of critical administrative tasks, improving overall productivity.

  • Cost-Effective Solution – Optimize your budget by leveraging our Back Office support service, reducing the need for additional in-house staff and associated overheads.


Our outbound customer service empowers businesses to improve relationships and sales. We collaborate to fortify customer bonds, drive sales, and elevate service reputation, treating clients as our own.


Our inbound customer care provides responsive solutions for all business sizes. Prioritize client needs with dedicated or shared agents delivering exceptional call experiences. Focus on meeting customer demand as we seamlessly extend your business.

Human-Assisted AI

With Human Assisted AI, we merge AI and human expertise, streamlining operations and decision-making. Services include NLP, predictive analysis, RPA, chatbots, and contract/information management for business growth and success.