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Collective solution is a licensed, bonded collection agency specializing in helping other collection agencies to collect their debt more efficiently.

The main reason Collective Solution has pursued its licensing, is to put our clients mind at ease that we are well aware of all state and federal regulations. In all cases our agents call on your behalf to collect from debtors.


On Boarding Process

Once all the proper documentation is in place (agreement, deposit, NDAs, etc.), within 10-15 work days Collective Solution will have selected the team members for your particular project; namely, your set of dedicated agents, your Team Leader (“TL”) and your IT Support Personnel. These agents have already been trained on collection processes and procedures as well as rules and regulations of the industry such as FDCPA, telephone collection techniques, overcoming objections, rebuttals, etc.

We now need to teach them your work-standards, your work philosophy and approach, your strategies and techniques that make your operation unique for which we will arrange with you, our client, a date and time for this training exercise.

Configuration Options

Configuration 1- Your System & Your Dialer

Agents will work using your collection software and your dialer. We would only ensure our agents are ready to start working your accounts on a daily basis.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  1. Lower cost per hour per agent
  2. Management of inventory and dialer falls on you, the client
  3. No data exchange. All Notes are recorded directly into your system
Configuration 2 – Your System + Our Dialer

This is a popular configuration where we use your collection software but our predictive dialer. In this case, we work together with you to pull the data from your system on a daily basis so we load our dialer. Daily, we will send you a dialer history file to ensure all calls are recorded into your system. Notes of contacts with debtors are recorded directly into your collection application as well as all payment transactions.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  1. Cost per hour per agent is higher than Configuration 1 but lower than Configuration 2
  2. Client system needs to be updated daily with dialer history
  3. Client needs to be involved in the dialer strategy
Configuration 3 – Our System + Our Dialer

Agents will work on our collection platform and our predictive dialer. We manage your inventory of accounts working in conjunction with you, our client, to ensure we abide by your strategy. We would send you dialer history files on a daily basis in order to keep your collection system updated. All payments are entered directly into your payment processing system.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  1. Higher cost per hour per agent
  2. CS manages the inventory and dialer so you do not deal with these issues.
  3. Client system needs to be updated daily with dialer history

ContactRightTM is Collective Solution’s TCPA compliant and cost effective manual calling solution specifically created to efficiently contact customers on their mobile phones, verify that we have contacted the right party and transfer the customers back to our Client’s qualified representatives in a manner that is customer friendly, while also being extremely efficient and cost-effective for our Clients.

ContactRight is a way of maximizing the productivity of your collectors combining scalable team of trained call center agents to initiate an outbound call and transfer a right party contact.