Collective Solution Philipinnes: “United Colors of CS” The Party To End An Amazing Year

Collective Solution Philipinnes: “United Colors of CS” The Party To End An Amazing Year


By John Liporada.

It was that time of the year once more. Not quite celebrating the
holidays yet, except for Thanksgiving. The Collective Solution
Philippines Family made it a Thanksgiving party like no other.
Ending the year with a colorful bang! The CSPH “United Colors of
CS” Year End Party.

Outfits as colorful as the view from a kaleidoscope, with those
retro hats and suspenders, were the stars of the night. Combined
with the sumptuous food and great company, the party hasn’t
even started but you’ll already feel the energy of the venue.
Held at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan for the second year in a row,
the venue was lit and decorated as amazingly as last year. The
venue had the most accommodating staff; and it only doubled the
excitement for the party to end all parties.

After a pause in taking photos, the CS PH Danz Guild opened the
celebrations with an energetic dance number. Pumped up and
ready, the crowd; ecstatic to get started; filled the hall with hyped

Starting with a prayer, the program commenced with the
leadership team doing the honors, starting the show with raffle
giveaways and the opening remarks from Ms. Hani Buligon,
thanking the employees for the hard work and enduring a year full
of challenges. It was the culmination of a year and marked as the
start of a brighter future for the company.

Contests and awarding ceremonies followed with the best dressed
contest and the awarding of the 10-year employees. With the food
distribution well on its way, the crowd was treated to great music
with band hits and acoustic numbers from some of the company’s
musically-inclined employees.

After rounds of the raffle draws, the big moment came and the
time for the grand prize draw has arrived. Ticket number “321” was
the lucky one and with her jubilation was greeted by the
combination of sighs and congratulatory reactions from the
crowd—many saying; I’ll be the next one, next time.

Almost at a close, it was time for the traditional toast which
brought about the message from our beloved CEO Mr. Sanie
Cabangcala with the largest cheers coming from three little words,
“Check your ATM!” Finishing with the biggest groupie ever, many
thought a song number, fittingly, the song “Kaleidoscope World”
was the mark to end the night in subtle fashion.

And with arguably the biggest bang of the night, ‘It’s Party Time!!!’
With an open bar and the band playing beloved party hits, the
party just got started which went well beyond expectations.
Another year ender has passed. The glitz, glamour and class
shown will take an extended bow for now. But, with a New Year
come new challenges and a New Year ender is always on the
horizon which promises to be bigger, better and the most epic yet.


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