Contract Management Outsourcing

To ensure that services, contractual commitments, and deliveries are made in accordance with your and your clients’ expectations, we monitor and administer your contracts. To reduce disagreements and conflicts between the parties and to offer a structure for resolving any issues that may occur throughout the term of the contract, let Collective Solution handle the creation, execution, monitoring, reporting, and renewal of your contracts.


We engage with our clients to agree upon the terms and conditions of the contract they expect, including the scope of services, pricing, service level agreements (SLAs), and other important details. Once the contract is finalized, it is signed and executed by both parties.


Our goal is to make sure that we provide services that live up to our client’s expectations. We provide reports and reviews aligned with key performance indicators (KPIs) and evaluate our performance in relation to SLAs and other contractual requirements.


In Collective Solution we generate and share regular reports that document our performance against the SLAs and KPIs. At the end of the contract term, we assist our clients with recommendations for a new contract, renewal, or cancellation.


If you are looking for complete procurement and contract management services look no more. Our approach to contract management focuses on generating value by enhancing contract compliance and cutting cycle time. We oversee the solicitation, development, negotiation, administration, and maintenance of contracts.