CS Honduras Christmas Party 2018

CS Honduras Christmas Party 2018


By Alejandra Valladares.

On January 20, 2018, Collective Solution Honduras held its Christmas Party at the CCIC. My
husband and I attended all dressed in 80’s outfits because that was the theme of the party.
We tried to be there early hoping to win a prize from the raffle. Unfortunately, we weren’t
lucky to bag one.

The media department greeted us as we stepped out of the elevator. They took pictures of
anyone coming out; with the glittering decorations put up by our staff, as the background.
That was such an amazing job. Congrats, guys

The night kicked off with the recognition of six exemplary agents. Nahum Velasquez and
Kevin Salgado were honored as the “Year’s Top Performers” in customer service and
collections respectively. Angie Rios, Catherine Ulloa, Fernando Palacios and Jose Amaya
were recognized for their “Perfect Attendance” record throughout the year.
We also had lots of laughter with the CS Bloopers Video. Thanks to the participants and to
our social media for that.

The management team provided an awesome entertainment presentation as part of CS tradition. They
entered wearing inflatable dinosaur costumes and proceeded to a dance off. Everyone burst out
shrieking and laughing, holding one’s belly with incomparable joy.
Rodolfo Romero vanquished all of the other competitors and dazzled the onlookers. But Carlos Castillo
entered with a vengeance and murdered his prehistoric companion on the final round.
A delicious dinner followed. There was dancing and much fun the whole night. Overall, it was an amazing
and memorable event. Thank you CS for another incredible Christmas Party!

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