CS Philippines Conducts the Annual Physical Examination (APE 2017)

CS Philippines Conducts the Annual Physical Examination (APE 2017)

As what other BPO companies reinforce every year to all their regular employees in order to assure their workers’ health, CS Philippines held the Annual Physical Examination (APE) inside the workplace, specifically in the Break Room. The examination started at 5:00AM of June 6 and ended at 5:00AM the following day. The said APE was performed by the medical forces of our partner clinic, Health Alert Medical and Diagnostic Center.

Over 388 regular employees lined up to undergo the required tests and talked to our Primary Care Physicians (PCP), Dr. Catalino P. Bulacan, MD, for male employees and Dr. Grace Aguinaldo, MD, for the female about whatever ongoing bodily conditions that we were experiencing that moment as well as other concerns pertaining to our health. We became a bit exhausted  waiting for our codes to be called, however, the mere fact that the physical exam was free, as it was shouldered by our company via HMI (Healthcare Provider), we patiently waited until our turns were called.

A physical exam is recommended at least once a year, especially for employees over 50. These exams are undertaken to check for possible illnesses that might have developed after the last check-up, so they can be treated early, prevent physical concerns that may lead to aggravation in the future, update necessary immunizations, ensure the maintenance of healthy diet and lifestyle, and to build comfortable relationships with our PCP.

These exams are also a routine to check cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. A check on these would allow our PCP to monitor and treat conditions that may cause alarm.

During the APE, we underwent a series of laboratory exams such as Vital Signs Check-Up, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Urinalysis and Fecalysis, Chest X-Ray, ECG for employees 35 years old and above, and other physical exams including Eye Check-Up.

The APE is an admirable program of a company in order to show its employees the company’s concern over their physical well being. Much more, it is free. This is an essential requirement of BPO companies in the Philippines as they, by nature, hold work activities not in the normal way of work schedule (graveyard shift). Such nature of work schedule is more likely to take toll on the employees’ health.

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