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We work across a diverse range of industries

At Collective Solution, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients across a diverse range of industries. We recognize that each industry has its own unique needs and requirements, and we have the expertise and experience to provide tailored solutions that meet those needs. Whether it’s obtaining PCI, HIPAA, or SOC2 certifications, we can guide you through the process and ensure that you achieve the necessary compliance standards. Let us help you navigate the complex world of industry-specific regulations, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.


Collective Solution offers end-to-end E-commerce solutions that optimize customer service and create a positive user experience, driving business success and growth. Trust us to provide the support your business needs.


Telecom operators need to provide flexible services and excellent customer experience to stay ahead of the competition. Collective Solution offers seamless integration with existing platforms and CRM software and exceptional customer service to help operators meet changing customer needs.


Collective Solution’s retail services provide personalized customer experience plans, tailored to meet your unique needs. We work alongside our clients to ensure effective implementation, allowing you to maintain oversight and control.

Hotel Reservations

We provide superior customer care, efficient administrative support, and Human Assisted AI supporting hotel reservation management. In doing so, we optimize the booking processes, enhance guest experiences, and streamline operations for growth.

Human-Assisted AI

Our cutting-edge solutions include AI-process automation and predictive analysis, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while creating a more effective and comprehensive solution for businesses seeking growth and success.


Collective Solution provides adaptive financial solutions to optimize your revenue generation, simplify debt collection, and improve customer service. Our services are seamlessly integrated into your existing software, making outsourcing your financial needs easy.

Real Estate

We support real estate businesses with tailored customer care, administrative assistance, and Human Assisted AI. Our services enhance client relationships, streamline operations, and optimize decision-making, driving growth and success in the property market.


We aid recruiting firms with exceptional customer care, administrative support, and Human Assisted AI. By enhancing candidate relationships, streamlining operations, and optimizing decision-making, we facilitate growth and success in the recruitment industry.

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Why Collective Solution?

It’s in our name and our DNA. Collective: the coming together of individuals, skill sets and businesses to create an ecosystem, a resource. Solution: introducing a human aspect in the call center industry that offers clients the ability to scale and grow at a cost that is attractive and with the experience that they need. We tackle your everyday business need with our tailored programs.

  • Performance Oriented

  • Highly Flexible

  • Culture-Driven

Scalable Solutions, Tailored To Industry

We boast versatility and experience, catering to various industries. With tailored customer care, administrative assistance, and Human Assisted AI, we effectively address each sector’s unique challenges. Our expertise enhances client relationships, streamlines operations, and optimizes decision-making processes, driving growth and success across diverse industries. This adaptability makes us a trusted partner for businesses seeking comprehensive, industry-specific solutions.

  • Streamlined Operations – our administrative and back-office support services allow businesses to focus on core objectives, driving growth and productivity.

  • Enhanced Customer Interactions – our expert customer care services improve client relationships, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Scalable Solutions – we cater to businesses of any size, providing adaptable services that can grow with your company.