Expertise across Industries

Comprehensive outbound contact center solutions for any business.

Effective outbound customer service can be a powerful tool for any business looking to enhance its customer relationships and drive sales. In Collective Solution we will work together to build strong customer relationships, drive sales, and enhance your reputation for an excellent customer service experience. We value your clients as our own.

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Customer Experience Management

We proactively manage your customer interactions through outbound calls. As an extension of your company we will support you by reaching out to your customers to understand their needs, provide information, and build stronger relationships.

Welcome Calls

Let us lay the groundwork for a solid client connection by offering your existing or new customers a top-notch outbound welcome call service that makes them feel valued and appreciated.

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Compliance Calls

By providing high-quality outbound compliance call service, Collective Solution ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and your company policies while also maintaining a positive customer experience. Our services are FDCPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOCII and CFPB complaint.

Outbound Sales

We provide a high-quality outbound sales service, to help your businesses generate leads, close sales, and grow revenue. We are results driven while prioritizing customer relationships and ensuring that our sales efforts are tailored to the your needs and interests.

Why Collective Solution?

It’s in our name and our DNA. Collective: the coming together of individuals, skill sets and businesses to create an ecosystem, a resource. Solution: introducing a human aspect in the call center industry that offers clients the ability to scale and grow at a cost that is attractive and with the experience that they need. We tackle your everyday business need with our tailored programs.

  • Performance Oriented

  • Highly Flexible

  • Culture-Driven

We are a seamless extension of your company.

Our outbound customer support service delivers significant value by proactively engaging customers, fostering strong relationships, and driving sales. Our skilled team helps businesses reach out to clients, addressing concerns, offering solutions, and showcasing new products or services. By providing exceptional customer experiences, we enhance your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty. With our outbound support, businesses can focus on core operations while we nurture customer relationships and contribute to long-term success.

  • Proactive Engagement – Strengthen customer relationships with our skilled team

  • Drive Sales – Boost revenue by effectively promoting new products or services through our expert outbound customer support.

  • Enhanced Brand Reputation – Rely on our exceptional customer experiences to improve brand loyalty, ensuring long-term success while you focus on core operations.


Our inbound customer care provides responsive solutions for all business sizes. Prioritize client needs with dedicated or shared agents delivering exceptional call experiences. Focus on meeting customer demand as we seamlessly extend your business.

Back Office

Our Back Office support optimizes operations and productivity by managing contracts, invoices, payment tracking, and verifying online applications. We handle crucial tasks, letting businesses focus on core objectives and success.

Human-Assisted AI

With Human Assisted AI, we merge AI and human expertise, streamlining operations and decision-making. Services include NLP, predictive analysis, RPA, chatbots, and contract/information management for business growth and success.