Project Description

Roadside Assistance – Voice

A roadside assistance client was facing inconsistency with their current vendors to meet staffing demands considering fluctuations and difficulty in reaching performance  KPIs.

Launch Date: May 2021

B2B and B2C

Inconsistency with their current vendors to meet staffing demands fluctuated and continue to perform on KPIs.
Met KPIs through hiring increasing speed to proficiency and were able to prove stability and fluctuations to meet demands.
  • Highlights

  • Pilot team of 50 and in less than a year, grew to over 800 FTEs by building client trust and exceeding all core KPIs.
  • Continued partnership in flexing up and down based on volume fluctuations.

  • Started with 1 LOB and now assist with 6 LOBs including one which was previously done only in-house.
  • Quality Critical score is above client expectations at 96%

  • Consistently outperforming the network in AHT

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