Staff Party For CS Jamaica

Staff Party For CS Jamaica

The conclusion of year 2017 came with a
whistle and a bang, finished off by our annual
end of year—All White Staff Party. Joined by
our very own Executive Chairman, Deron Quon
and VP of Global Operations, Luinell Florentin,
who led the prize-giving ceremonies, we were
all led up excitingly to a big party.

The year-end celebration was a big cultural
success which was fully enjoyed by all the
employees. A big “Thank You” to Pier 1 who
catered the event and to our local branding
team for hosting the program on our grounds.

A wide array of delicious food definitely over
satisfied our palate: the local sizzling jerk
chicken dripping with flavor made our mouth
water, the smell of grilled fish and other
delicacies wafted through the entire

Adding to all these glorious happenings was
the cultural music that heightened the spirit
leading the party into full swing.
An important part of the program was the
giving away of plaques as a symbol of
gratefulness and appreciation to all members
of staff who have been with CS Jamaica since
the beginning.

Aside from the give-away, there was a prize for
the one who wore the best “White Outfit” of
the night.

There were extreme laughter and cheer as
prizes were given. We all ate and danced the
night away in fine style! Merry Christmas to all!

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