Technical Support Outsourcing

Customers who are having technical issues with their products or services have Collective Solution by their side. We are the best option to help your clients troubleshoot problems, offer advice, escalate problems as needed, and record client interactions and technical concerns through CRM systems.


With over 20 years of experience and expertise in a variety of industries, including applications and consumer electronics, we are dedicated to improve your customer experience. In Collective Solution we offer quick and effective problem solving at lower support prices.


Meeting your clients’ needs through their desired channel.  Our support service ranges from voice, social media, chat, and email services during all stages of the purchase. We cover tiers 1, 2, and 3 for setup, diagnostics, invoicing, billing, and assistance for clients in both the business and consumer sectors.


Each technical support services representative goes through a thorough training plan. In order to better deliver total customer satisfaction, we offer hands-on training with your product and permit the representative to acquaint our technical support with the product. With  keen attention to detail our technical support representatives are happy and ready to assist your clients’ needs.


We recognize that Tech Support Services play a significant role in every company. Make sure your product is well-represented and that clients utilize all of its capabilities. Our technical support personnel are tailored to your company’s requirements. Your team may concentrate on product development and obtaining the feedback necessary to better subsequent runs by outsourcing your tech support services while also reducing overall costs.