Time for Fun! Restoring Children’s Outdoor Play Park

Time for Fun! Restoring Children’s Outdoor Play Park

37-degrees outside and we were more than ready to start bringing color, life and excitement to Parque Infantíl Presentación Centeno.

This activity marked the 1st volunteer experience outside CS premises in San Pedro Sula. An outstanding group of volunteers were there to represent our company, our goal to help and more importantly the desire to make of this community a better place.

There aren’t many children parks in the city and we were happy to give our time and dedication to making of this park a better place for fun to children and their parents.

We started the day greeted by the Mayor’s wife, Mrs. Karen Stechmann – Calidonio, who is the head of ECOSOCIAL, a City Hall program that oversees all volunteer work done in the city of San Pedro Sula. She was very proud on our willingness to help restore the park, inviting the CS family members to a huge tree planting activity to help reach the goal of 600,000 trees planted in our city. Our CS family volunteers were in charge of planting more than 30 trees, bringing more than 20 benches back to life with color and restoring old, decaying basketball hoops.

Grace Gutierrez, our Culture Club president, was very proactive and attentive of our volunteer team making sure we had water and other tools to work. It was amazing how our Culture Club members not only gave their time, but also brought in their families to help such a great cause.

The team was very efficient and thanks to Frank Farmer’s (our country manager) hulk strength, we could dig the holes to place the trees in and continue working towards our goal.

As Culture Club members, we pride ourselves in representing our company in such a positive way and making sure that the rest of our Honduran CS family understands the importance of such activities to our community.

In a world flooded with technology, children are not seen playing outside as often as we would like, so by helping restore places such as this iconic 57-year-old park, we are happily encouraging children that played there once, now parents, to bring their offspring and create lasting and meaningful memories for years to come.

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