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We offer tailored customer service and revenue generation solutions for all size companies. With an entrepreneurial mindset and an all-hands approach, we treat your clients as our own.


How We Deliver Results For You

Our comprehensive services cater to a wide range of industries and companies of all sizes, including start-ups and multinational corporations. We believe in providing customized solutions that suit your unique needs, and our flexible workability is designed to meet those needs without imposing any minimum agent requirements. With our efficient and scalable approach, we can adapt to your changing demands and deliver the perfect solution for your business. Trust us to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

We provide support and assistance to your customers before, during, and after a purchase. Whether the consumer requires receiving information, addressing complaints, or resolving issues, we’ll be there via phone, email, or chat.

Let yourself focus on your company’s core activities while we handle all back office administrative and support functions. Our team of experts with proven track record will efficiently manage your data entry, encoding and content moderation needs.

Increase sales and revenue with customized solutions for lead generation, customer acquisition, and retention, utilizing data analytics and advanced technology to drive revenue growth and improve customer engagement.

Collective Solution

It’s in our name and our DNA. Collective: the coming together of individuals, skill sets and businesses to create an ecosystem, a resource. Solution: introducing a human aspect in the call center industry that offers clients the ability to scale and grow at a cost that is attractive and with the experience that they need. We tackle your everyday business need with our tailored programs.

  • Performance Oriented

  • Highly Flexible

  • Culture-Driven

Experience & Innovative Team Tackling Complex Challenges With Effective Solutions

Collective Solution assembled a core team of top quality leaders nearly 20 years ago and has continued to build on that foundation. They have significant global experience and have worked across most Industries. We have an aptitude towards understanding our clients needs and challenges while developing solutions that help improve your brand.

Robert Camacho
Robert CamachoCEO
Our Chief Executive Officer, has over 20 years of executive leadership experience in Operations & Customer Care. Robert has developed and executed complex Customer Care Strategies while combining technology with business needs resulting in efficiencies and quality. Previously he was COO for Veyo with overall responsibility of operations for the fasted growing NEMT provider in the country. Dodgers Fan!
Jared Kearney
Jared KearneyChief Commercial Officer
Jared has over 40 years of Executive Leadership experience within the Communications and Customer Care segments. He has developed strong Fortune 500 relationship while treating every customer, regardless of size, with the same personal engagement. He enjoys developing “World Class” solutions and delivering quality experiences for his customers while acting as an extension of their organization. Joyfully married and three great children ranging from 35 to 12.
Luinell Florentin
Luinell FlorentinGlobal VP, Analytics & Service Excellence
Our Senior Vice President, has been with the organization since its inception. Luinell is engaged in developing corporate and client strategies, she works closely with our client and our support / operations team to ensure the best experience for our customers and theirs. Luinell is a proud mother of a young son and a 2 yr. old pug.
Eric Gaudreau
Eric GaudreauVP Operations Planning & Analysis
Eric has extensive experience in the customer care industry. Twenty years of Senior leadership roles in Planning , Analysis and work force management. His career has covered healthcare, roadside, retail, financial and transportation sectors. He has successfully built teams aligned with financial targets and customers needs. He loves to read, hike, and travel to new places.
Francis Mejorada
Francis MejoradaCTO
Our Chief Technology Officer, has an extensive background in System Integration, Solution Architecture and working with developing technologies while continuing to build out and manage our infrastructure. Francis holds multiple technology certifications. He has strong relationships with partners around the globe. To relax he is a great piano and guitar player
Julie Hengemuehler
Julie HengemuehlerVP Call Center Operations
Nearly 30 years of Global Contact Center leadership experience, including 22+ years in BPO – and ~7 years leading customer care and experience efforts for eCommerce businesses. Julie has a passion for business start-ups, growing established businesses, and guiding and leading employee development.
Agustin Trevino
Agustin TrevinoVP Global Human Resources
An accomplished champion of the employee lifecycle with over 25 years of Global HR operations leadership. Agustin is experienced as a strategic partner spans multiple industry(s) with global people operations and diverse workforces. Agustin is in clinical research and consultant/advisor to a non-profit research organization.
Sheryl Villaflores
Sheryl VillafloresDirector Global Finance
Sheryl is our Global Director of Finance Operations. She manages the financial actions of the company at an enterprise level while supervising local projects.
Sheryl enjoys watching Korean Dramas, Police Detective Stories such as Criminal Minds, and Sherlock Holmes.
Sakina Gani
Sakina GaniDirector of Customer Success
Sakina has over 15 years of experience in call centers ranging from roadside assistance, sales, technical support, retail, and cruising. She has worked in an all-remote BPO for the last 5 years managing and launching multiple programs successfully and acquiring additional lines of business through the successful execution of key metrics and client-building rapport. Sakina holds a degree in Biochemistry and Accounting. She currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband, son, and stepdaughter.
Will Fugette
Will FugetteVP of Client Success & Service Quality
Will is a Strategic VP of customer experience and operations leader with over 25 years of BPO experience in strategic planning, business processes for internal and outsourcing infrastructures, Sr. contact center leadership, new business development, and strategic planning. Will is passionate about building high-performing teams and driving performance to achieve critical objectives for company growth.

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