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Collective (kɘ’lektiv): adj. Done by people acting as a group.

Solution (sɘ’lōōSH(ɘ)n): n. A means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.


We’re super excited you visited our website, which means you are either a growing business searching for that right outsource partner or an intelligent person researching your job options! Either way we are happy you are here and would love to tell you more about our dynamic group of problem solvers.

We have three locations to serve you which gives you the options for nearshore and offshore support in English and Spanish. We can service your business needs on a 24/7 basis in voice, email, and chat.

So, happy clicking as you check-out our pages, photos, and videos. And when you’re ready, just give us a call, send an inquiry, or apply online.


Customer Care

Collective Solution knows that taking care of your customer is everything. We have a lot of experience providing phone, email, and chat support 24/7.


Our job is to help you collect more and generate more right party contacts in a licensed and FDCPA compliant environment.


Any back office task such as data entry, data encoding, graphic editing or even content moderation we can do it at scale


Let us understand your business needs and we can craft flexible solutions for you.

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Collective Solution has been a trusted solutions provider for over 15 years servicing start-ups and gargantuan businesses alike. No matter where your business is in its growth cycle, we know we can help you!